Logo, Visuals, Print Design


Vocabularious is a new card created by Stephanie Nudelman and Zach Barash. The game is still in development and being tested. I created a visual style and mockups to help Stephanie and Zach better test the gameplay. The game focuses on players selecting category cards, each with a word, and using random alphabet letters, creating an acrostic clue for their partners. 


For the color palette, we needed 5 distinct colors, one for each category. I focused on a palette that was fun and playful, while still feeling sophisticated and adult. Each color also has a secondary tint in order to allow for shading within the category. 

The creators wanted an illustrated, fun style, but couldn't afford to have every card illustrated. To get them the style they wanted in a easier to manufacture way, I came up with adding consistent iconography for each category. 

While working on the design, the team was still unsure if the cards would have varied backs or one single back, thus I created a system that would work for both options. 

The logo we decided on highlights the playful, yet sophisticated gameplay experience, while paying homage to the game’s acrostic mechanic. 


(Icons are created by Oliviu Stoian, Andrey Vasiliev, Piotrek Chuchla, Ivan Colic, Ben Markoch, Jake Dunham, Sergey Demushkin, Andrea Severgnini, Elliot Midson, iconsmind.com, Takao Umehara, Norbert Kucsera, Erik Wagner, Federico Panzano, Gregory Sujkowski, Prasad, romzicon, Ryo Sato, and lastspark via TheNounProject)