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Writings, interviews, and assorted media from me around the internet.

Note: I generally post to Medium. Due to their new limit on articles read a month, I’ll be making copies of my writing with provided links below. Formatting mights suffer in these.


Medium Well - Design Therapy Podcast

Hear what my Design Therapy sessions are like and learn more about the process.

Aspiring Co - It Girl Interview

One year anniversary interview on my work and impact in the design space. 


Should higher-ed re-design its own re-design? 

Article written by myself and Lisa Baird on the gap between higher-ed and those who do the hiring. 


When Empathy Is Not Enough

Exploration of the importance of moving beyond empathy to equity and justice within design. 

(Here is a blog post link if you’ve run out of medium articles this month)


Listening in Digital Spaces

TEDx talk on the fundamentals of listening, and how to bring them into our digital spaces.