A Human-Centered Philosophy

I bring Human-Centered Design to organizations, communities and problems often overlooked by traditional designers.  These fundamental pillars - centering the process on and creating space for those most affected, exploring the widest reaches of ideas, and testing rapidly to learn quickly - can shift the way we approach problems and offer truly new and elegant solutions to our toughest societal problems. Most importantly, with this process, I aim to give equity to those struggling, allowing them real ownership over the solutions they want in their lives.  

This work is not a silo'ed solutions team providing the correct answers. Instead, this is a collaboration with your team, helping you find creative solutions while learning new skills for engaging your users. 


This means,

  • Defining your biggest challenges in ways that foster solutions, rather than creating barriers.
  • Finding ways to give those you serve a voice in the process, rather than simply receiving end results.
  • Supporting your organization as you find the right answer, not simply doing it for you. 
  • Showing your staff small and manageable ways to add design thinking to their workflow, not creating dependency on consultants. 
  • Determining creative ways to find your at-risk population, rather than speaking with just the exceptional population. 
  • Developing light-touch, easy prototypes to help test ideas, rather than investing precious resources up front.