Design Therapy

Find some clarity in where you're headed. 

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A design mindset - one that focuses on empathy, creative solutions, and iterative testing -  is beneficial to everyone. The price tag of a full-time designer isn't always so great.

To fill this need, I offer Design Therapy sessions to provide coaching and support for folks looking to bring a design mindset to their work. 

Instead of a strict training or workshop, sessions are one-on-one collaborative conversations that go at your pace. We'll focus on a specific challenge your facing and work through it from a design perspective. Along the way, I'll provide guidance and support on both why and how the provided methods work. I particularly focus on finding ways to make the design thinking process approachable and adaptable for you, regardless of your experience. 

Schedule your sessions based on what works best for you - a consistent cadence or as needed. 


When do I need Design Therapy?

Whenever you're feeling stuck, bringing in an outside, creative voice can help you gain perspective on the problem.

Some examples of times Design Therapy can help:

* I'm struggling to prioritize

* I have an idea and I don't know how to start

* I want bigger, bolder ideas

* I want more product traction

* I want to be more in touch with my users

* I want to communicate better as a team

* I want to tell my story more succinctly

* I want to take a complex idea and make it easier to understand



Sessions are $100 each. Your first session as an organization or individual is free, so give it a try.