Design Therapy

Find some clarity in where you're headed. 

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Designers change the creative energy in the room. Bring in a thought partner at the moment you need it and get out of your rut, so you can get back to changing the world. 


How it works

* Purchase your session amounts to get access to schedule.

* Reserve a 40 minute time to call or meet to discuss a problem you're struggling with. 

* Send me up to 2 pages to review beforehand.

* We meet and talk through the problem. You get pointed in new directions to explore, new analogies to think about, and new skills to consider. Just like therapy, you'll still leave with your problem, but be better equipped to solve it. 

* Rinse and repeat.


When do I need Design Therapy?

Whenever you're feeling stuck, bringing in an outside, creative voice can help you gain perspective on the problem.

Some examples of times Design Therapy can help:

* We want bigger, bolder ideas

* We want more product traction

* We want to be more in touch with our users

* We want to communicate better as a team

* We want to tell our story more succinctly

* We want to take a complex idea and make it easier to understand



I offer upfront, transparent pricing to make budgeting easier.

Your first session as an organization or individual is free, so give it a try.