These words have been used in the past by completely biased individuals to describe me: creative, graceful, flexible, proactive, versatile, smart, honest, funny, loyal, trustworthy, dedicated, stubborn, passionate, sassy, entertaining, "a little nuts but in the good way". My mom says I'm nice.

I'm a User Experience Designer who feels strongly about certain things like: 

  • The user really does come first

  • Understand the problem before you try to solve it

  • Systems should be designed for the ways humans are

  • We can always make it better

  • Never accept that "that's just how it works"

  • Running head first into walls is silly, first check for a back door

Particularly I thrive on creating experiences that build trust and ease around stressful situations. I currently work with the amazing team at Tomorrow Partners

I hold a (sort of made up) degree in Communication Design and Sociolinguistics from Carnegie Mellon University.